Hello. I’m Tracey;

I wear many hats – just like you, and I’m someone who is constantly searching for truth, understanding and knowledge. Do I live a completely balanced life? No! Life is impermanent and it is constantly changing. On top of being a wife, running a household and managing my business, I recently added a child to the mix and the full impact of motherhood has really set in. 


Good-bye exercise, healthy eating, sleep, self care and absolutely every part of my old self. In fact, Charlotte was only 3 weeks old when I went back to work in my business – because at the time I had to, and over the course of the next year I gradually wore myself down until I was completely broken. It seemed impossible to juggle and prioritise all my demands. It was then – one day at my worst, I woke up and thought… “There has to be more to life than this?”. 


I didn’t start out knowing exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up, in fact I had no idea.

Leaving school, the one thing I knew was that I had to understand exactly how everything in the body works and why – what makes us who we are, what leads to disease and what our DNA means to us. It was clear that science would be my chosen vocation and this led me to commence my Bachelor Degree in Molecular Biology, as this was the only way I could start answering some of these questions for myself.


After four years at University I graduated with only part of the answer. Yes, I now understood the science behind the body and it’s genetics, but I had only just started to realise the massive impact that external factors has to our bodies and our DNA; factors such as dietary habits, nutrition, stress, lifestyle choices, exercise and mental health.
Over time, my career led me to work in some amazing positions, mostly highly demanding management roles, where I threw myself completely into my job, which was incredibly fulfilling and exciting. In 2011, I got married to my lovely husband and we started trying for a baby.
However, this is when some realisations started to reveal themselves. On reflection, I realised that for many years I had abused my body. Long nights working, socialising on weekends and a lack of exercise meant conceiving wasn’t as easy (or quite as fun) as I had thought it would be.  

Holistically, my body was not the ideal vessel it needed to be, in order for me to carry a child – it was at this point I realised I had to change. Armed with motivation and science, I decided to try something new. I made a clean change to my holistic health – in my body, my mind and my lifestyle. As a result, in 2015 we welcomed our gorgeous daughter Charlotte. (ok, I’m just going to say it – parent hood is hard!)

Once Charlotte came along, I had everything I’d hoped for – a business, a loving husband, a baby, and a home – but it was all coming at a mental, emotional and physical cost. I was so overwhelmed and stressed, that this new cycle had became unsustainable. I was barely holding it all together and it had to change.

This was the critical point of my life where those few little words (“There has to be more to life than this?”) changed my whole world. It was then that I saw the other part of the puzzle and the implications that my lifestyle was having on my body, right down to the DNA level. I was not giving my body the movement or exercise it needed, so I was constantly at the physiotherapist. I wasn’t eating properly – I was tired and sluggish, I was feeling anxious and stressed and I just had way too much on my plate to be the very best person I could be for my family. 

My journey of holistic wellness started that day and I’ve never looked back. My journey through life is now one that is fulfilling, rich and enjoyable. I have an ever evolving life balance of all those things that are important to me in a way I can manage. Knowing how to assess myself, knowing my own triggers, implementing self care and knowing what my needs are is a constant obligation to myself. I have a responsibility to my family to look after myself and treat myself with the highest level of importance because they need the best of me.


Through continuous education, research and self development I now have the tools to keep myself in check and to give my family the best parts of myself, which is what they deserve from me.


My desire to share these tools with others has since led me to study and specialise in;
Kitchen Medicine
Nutrition Psychology
Physical Health and Movement
Mindfulness and Wellbeing Management
Meals and Menu Planning 


Easy – It’s my passion and my purpose. I genuinely want others to be the best possible version of themselves. I want people to know that their life is important, they do matter and that they can make it more meaningful in a way that’s appropriate to them. I do not believe in diets or vigorous exercise – I believe in holistic health, prioritising self-care and that a healthy body and mind is key to a fulfilling life.

My Qualifications


Bachelor of Science – Murdoch University

Major; Molecular Biology

Minors; Molecular and Ecological Basis of Infection & Forensic Biology and Toxicology


Exploring the world through science sparked my passion and interest in Human Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle patterns. Through this degree I commenced my holistic health journey and have been exploring and research in this world ever since.


Qualified Health and Nutrition Coach – Well College Global

I became a qualified Health and Nutrition Coach so that I could assist others in becoming the best version of themselves they can be – this is a very rewarding and fulfilling role and I love helping others make positive changes in their own lives.

My Associations


Executive Member – International Institute for Complementary Therapists

Associate Member – Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine


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