I am passionate about helping my corporate partners to develop wellness programs to improve the health and wellbeing of their team.


I have over 10 years experience in developing, delivering and implementing a range of programs into many businesses, State and Federal Governments, hospitals and even primary and high schools. I have also published four curriculum courses with the Department of Education for students to gain credit towards their high school certificates and been a full-time consultant specialising in Health and Wellbeing for many Corporate Clients and the Western Australian State Government.  I offer a range of educational workshops to encourage and motivate teams on many health, nutrition and lifestyle topics!


Benefit to you – Having healthy and happy teams equals higher productivity, better team relationships, increased team morale, fewer sick days and lower staff turnover. Not to mention the workshops and programs are an opportunity to team-build and encourage balance and efficiency within a team.  Looking after your teams now will hopefully assist them in preventing illnesses and diseases in the future.


Some program topics include:


The Stress Management and Mindfulness Program

Stress is the most common issue amongst clients today. The Stress Management and Mindfulness Program explores what causes stress, guides individuals through a holistic priorities check sheet and discusses tools, tips and strategies they can take away to improve their stress levels and increase their mindfulness in every day life. This is a half day Program.


The Lifestyle Support & Sleep Program

Want refreshed and energetic employees? The Lifestyle Support & Sleep Program guides individuals to really explore their lifestyles and what might be leading to disruptive sleeping patterns. You’ll be surprised by what simple lifestyles changes can be made to improve overall sleep quality and daily energy levels. Sleep is incredibly important for one’s holistic wellbeing and not getting adequate sleep can lead to a range of health issues including anxiety and depression. The Lifestyle Support & Sleep Program discusses the importance of sleep with loads of tools and tips to getting a good night’s shut eye. This is a half day Program.


The Movement and Exercise Program

The Movement and Exercise Program discusses how you can improve movement in the workplace, as well as before and after work time, prioritising self care into your holistic health and explores the barriers and obstacles which interfere with exercise routines. Movement does not have to be boring and repetitive – it involves thinking outside the box and there are plenty of opportunities all around us to have fun through movement throughout the day. The is a half day Program.


The Nutritional Wellness Program

The Nutritional Wellness Program explores the impact dieting can have on your life holistically, common food myths, how to read food labels, boosting immunity, where to purchase food guides and a range of activities to really break some common misconceptions around food. The Program is designed to motivate individuals to achieve long term healthy eating habits.  This is a half day program.


Each Program is a half day in duration and Programs can be grouped to form full day Programs or Retreats. All of my workshops are hands on and participation based to get people really thinking about change and their overall wellbeing. All participants are expect to play an active role in the Program. Change comes from actually doing and practising a new habit, not from sitting on a chair and listening to a lecture. My intention is to leave at the end of the day knowing I’ve helped people change for the better!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your corporate wellness programs different?


Participants will not be able to simply sit back and just have a sleep during my Program. I believe in active participation and a journey of self reflection, where all individuals should be heard and encouraged to engage. Programs are about giving participants the chance to get involved in topics, learn from each other and work together as a team. All of my Programs are designed to plant the seed of exploration and for individuals to really engage with the take-home messages.

How do I know which Wellness Program is best for my team?


Well – ask them! Take a vote on which topic they would like to explore more and we’ll go from there!

How much does a Wellness Program cost?


Please contact me directly so I can put together a quote for your business. Price depends on materials needed, the number of topics involved and the number of participants. All of my Programs are designed to be affordable for all businesses whether you have a large team or just a few of you. For me, it’s about educating people in a fun, engaging and reflective way.

Can you come to our workplace to deliver the Wellness Program?


Of course! I’m happy to come to anywhere in the Perth Metro free of charge. I am also experienced in delivering Programs for corporates in regional and remote areas of Western Australia, as well as delivering Programs on company retreats and team building seminars – contact me to discuss.


Have some questions or would like to learn more? Please fill in your details below and we will get right back to you.

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