• C R Y O T H E R A P Y • Nope I don’t mean Cry-o-therapy, though I’m all for having a cry every now and then to release built up emotional energy! (Everyone should do it!) 😉⠀

I’m talking about the type of cold therapy treatment I’ve been undertaking for the last 4 weeks now.⠀

Cryotherapy is the use of cold temperatures to treat disease and illnesses, and comes in a variety of forms. Cold therapy is nothing new, and if you’ve ever followed the Wim Hof technique you know that submerging or exposing yourself to cold or freezing temperatures can provide many benefits to the body. If you haven’t heard anything about cold therapy, perhaps it’s time to explore some more!⠀

Every Saturday I spend 3 minutes in a chamber where Liquid Nitrogen is heated to it’s gaseous form, creating an environment that is approximately -145°C. Why, you say? Is it cold… ? Yes it is cold but it’s bearable and the time flies by. 🙌🏻⠀

Let’s talk science and what happens…⠀

👉🏻 Within 30 seconds, the blood vessels on my skin’s surface retract and the blood supply is forced inwards – this leads to a flush of Oxygen to the organs and internal systems, and results in a boost of fresh Oxygen supply back into the skin when I step out of the chamber and begin ‘defrosting’. ⠀

Blood in the core, oxygenates and becomes enriched with nutrients. This process flushes areas of injury of toxic waste and bad cells, replenishing with fresh blood to stimulate cellular regeneration = accelerating healing. ⠀

Flushing also assists the immune system and boosts it with vital minerals to combat infections.⠀

👉🏻 The body goes into a sudden state of shock called ‘cold-shock’ where the thermoreceptors (nerve ending neurons) send distress signals to the brain. ⠀

The CNS releases endorphins in large quantities which elevate mood and block pain receptor signals – reducing inflammation & pain and increasing mood patterns.⠀

💫 How do I feel after a session?⠀

👉🏻 Invigorated!⠀
👉🏻 My sleep has drastically improved.⠀
👉🏻 I am typically a positive person but I do feel my happy mood has been heightened!⠀
👉🏻 I feel strong and healthy.⠀

Is Cryotherapy for you?

If you’re interested it’s definitely worth exploring more – ALWAYS consult your GP or Health Care Practitioner before undertaking any new therapies. There are certain groups of individuals who can not undertake Cold Therapy.

There are a number of Cryotherapy clinics in Perth so check them out! Try a few and see which one work for you.

I’ll be getting my freeze on again this Saturday @thepolarroom and will be guinea pigging myself for a while longer… I’m def loving the experience so far 😍