Ok so it’s time to plan out your week! I want you to reach the end of this week feeling accomplished, fulfilled and nourished. That sometimes takes some planning. 🙌🏻⠀

When you don’t have a plan, you will either procrastinate OR you’ll cram so much into your day, you’ll just exhaust yourself.

Then, you’ll wonder why you haven’t finished anything and that can lead to feelings of failure.⠀

5 tips for productive and fulfilling planning;⠀

1. Prioritize your goals – if it doesn’t need to be done right now, don’t do it. There’s nothing wrong w putting some tasks on the back burner! 💛⠀

2. Do the thing you don’t want to do – first! Get it out of the way!! Do this before lunch time when you’re at your most productive energy level. 🙏🏻⠀

3. Schedule down time – it is just as important as any task or work you’re scheduling. Doing something for yourself makes the other tasks worth it. If you’re just working and outputting energy you’ll start feeling depleted! Fill your cup! 🎉⠀

4. Reward yourself for your accomplishments! Rewards are different for everyone! Rewarding yourself can make you feel worthy, happy and fulfilled. 💕⠀

5. Schedule in Movement! The fourth leading cause of death in Australia is due to a lack of movement. Your body HAS to move to be healthy… that’s how you’re designed… if you’re feeling unmotivated then call a reliable friend and make them come with you!😂⠀

Happy Planning people!! 😝💜