• N E E D S • What are your needs? 💫

Perth Wellness Coach

👉🏻 If you’re looking after your needs; stress tends to be more manageable, because you have the energy to ‘give’ to a situation.⠀

👉🏻 The best way to make sure you’re working towards a relatively low amount of stress is to;⠀

1. Allocate time and space for yourself. It is not selfish to have time out – it is crucial to your mental health. ⠀

2. Understand your worth. You are important to your family and friends, they and you, need the very best of you. There is nothing more important than your health. Full stop.⠀

3. Looking after yourself now, may very well prevent disease down the track.⠀

4. If you do unfortunately end up in a less than ideal way in the future, knowing how to lower your stress levels, will allow you to manage sickness in a wise and capable way. ⠀

👉🏻 Being able to explore this question is important so that we can manage stress on a regular basis.⠀

👉🏻 We are so often distracted with life, we don’t ask this simple but important question. At different times, we need different things – so it’s important to know what it is we need.⠀

💛 So – what are your needs as an individual? 🤔⠀

👉🏻 You can be a more fulfilled and happy person by having your needs met. ⠀

👉🏻 You don’t necessarily need another person to fill these needs – these are needs accessible to you alone. ⠀

💛 You are a strong and capable person – what do you really want out of life?⠀

👉🏻 It’s ok to not have the answer – just be accountable for your truths as they arise.⠀

💛 Needs in terms of social interaction and intimacy are very important. As humans we all have connective needs with other people.