About the Podcast

Welcome to The Mind Body Studio!


For anyone who wants to reach their full potential, thrive and create a life filled with vitality. Your #1 podcast for tips, tools and resources for creating the life YOU want. Each week Tracey and Kalí bring their expertise, giggles and a splash of quirky to explore real and relevant topics to help you along your life’s journey.


Each episode is based around life experiences that they encounter daily in their clinics with clients. Expert discussions based on the many ups and downs of life’s journey and the full human experience.


“Tracey and Kalí are real, honest and open when exploring the many topics discussed on this informative and educational podcast – no topic is off limits”.They bring Science, Psychology, and practicality to real life issues. They explore and connect with listeners through the journey of self discover. They share practical tools that easily help their listeners evolve.


Tracey Soltys is a Molecular Biologist, Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, the Managing Director of Marriage Offices Australia PL and CMC.
Kalí Alfaro is a Psychologist (Master in Psychology – Health), Hypnotherapist, Author and Director of AlfaPsychology.

The Mind Body Studio Podcast