Perth Wellness Coach Health and Nutrition Perth• W A T E R F I L T E R S • Do you need a Water Filter? Here’s some information for your exploration…💧 ⠀
Perth’s water is sourced from the following places;⠀

👉🏻 Ground water, ⠀
👉🏻 Desalination Plants (via the ocean) and, ⠀
👉🏻 the Dam. ⠀

How much do you know about the process involved in getting your water from any of these places to your tap? 🤔⠀

(As always – I invite you to explore more. Annual reports are available via the Water Corp’s website for public reading).⠀

👉🏻 So, what is actually in our water?⠀

‘Chlorine & Ammonia are used as a disinfectant which provides lasting, effective protection from the water treatment plant to your tap.’⠀

‘Fluoride is added to some water supply schemes to improve dental health, as directed by the Department of Health (DoH).’⠀

Also present in our water are heavy metals, pesticides (lots), plasticisers, pharmaceuticals, radioactive materials, bacteria and more; though the quantities at any given time would fluctuate. 👈🏻⠀

pH can range between 6.5 and 9.2 due to concrete tanks and cement lined pipes.⠀

💫 Fluoride⠀

It’s a controversial topic but I have to ask the question… ⠀

Have we had less cavities due to fluoride in our in water?⠀

Accordingly to many dentists (@lasergenius_drhisham) – the number one procedure today is fillings due to tooth decay. ⠀

So, is fluoridation actually working? 😳⠀

There are a number of scientists coming forward concerned about the use of fluoride in our water supplies and a huge case in the US at the moment to remove fluoride from all drinking water – so perhaps something to explore. 👈🏻⠀

💫 Water filters – It’s 100% a personal choice! ⠀

Once the water has been disinfected and has been made available in our tap – do we need to consume it as it is, or should we remove the additives? What are your thoughts?⠀

To end… ⠀

Here’s two filters that might be of use to you. 😉⠀

1. Zazen⠀
2. Waters Co⠀

Both of these reputable brands remove the majority of chemical additives, pathogens and medications from our water supply while alkalising and re-mineralising.⠀

I’ll leave this to you to explore but please ask any questions you might have.