Major Goals and Intentions

We can persist along in life, always pushing ourselves, working hard on our future goals but a lot of that energy can become obsolete if the right intentions are not understood.  

  • Why are we doing this task?
  • What is our desired outcome?


Sometimes there’s a deep down feeling that we might not reach our goal and therefore we can sabotage ourselves without being fully aware that’s what we are doing.  

Fear of failure is one that can hold many people back from achieving their goals because they lack the trust to surrender to the experience and allow things to unfold naturally.

Achieving goals comes down to what you believe about your self – truthfully.  Right in the pit of your heart – there’s the opportunity to become, create, achieve anything you want – so long as it’s something that you truthfully desire.  

Doing something because it will make someone else happy or to receive their approval, won’t lead to true fulfilment – unless that’s a goals that you really want as well.

So what do you want?  What is your ‘heart’s desire’?

I talk about the Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing a lot in my sessions and online, because as humans, these are the fundamental areas we prioritise as people.  

These are the seven categories that receive focus and energy when people are on the pursuit of happiness.

These are fluid categories where sometimes one dimension is prioritised over another for different reasons.

True Happiness comes from directing your focus inward and understanding who you are, what you want and how you can achieve inner fulfilment and peace.

So take the time to get to know your wants and needs at a basic level and hopefully this will set you on the path to achieve real sustainable love, peace, kindness and compassion for yourself and for others.