Perth Wellness Coach

Although we are more connected (online) to each other than ever before, the feeling of loneliness in the developed world has never been so great. Everyone experiences loneliness throughout their lives but it’s more than that – it’s become isolation.⠀

Those who are single, have become a new parent, are jobless, widowed, separated or living alone – feel it even more. Loneliness can obviously be bad for your health. It can lead to some not so great habits – smoking, over eating, drug abuse and sedentary lifestyles. ⠀

How has this all happened? It’s been an overall lifestyle change seen over the last single generation. Family sizes are smaller, the obvious advancements in IT technology, decrease in birth rates, pressure of dual income households, increased mobility and busyness. Essentially we’ve lost our ‘community’, we no longer live in a village type setting and our isolation is widening. Our definition of ‘friendship’ is liking posts and commenting on cute baby photos instead of calling up and speaking on the phone or setting a coffee date to actually meet the baby.

The biggest issue though is our busyness. We are all SO busy busy busy. I’m betting it wasn’t that long ago that you said ‘OMG no, I don’t have time for that, I’m so busy’. Sound familiar?⠀

And when we’re finished being SO busy, at night 45% of us are choosing to stay at home on the couch and watch TV and play on our phones liking and commenting on said baby photo. ⠀

Let’s do something about it. Remember there are people literally right now with you who feel exactly the same way you do.⠀

Tips; Smile at people! Talk to a stranger (give them a compliment, smile at them, show them some kindness), Organise a monthly BBQ with friends and rotated it around so you can all see each other, Babysit, Help a Neighbour (do you even know who they are?), Join a Community Group, Go Dog Walking w a group, Get involved in a local cause, Volunteer at local community events, if you have children and can’t get out – invite people over to your house and organise a weekly meal together, start a new sport, help out at your local school….. it just has to be a small step to make a difference 😘